What is GMP?

That is a question many people have asked us. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. It is a rigorous set of guidelines designed to ensure that your products are consistent, safe and of the highest quality.

Here are some examples of what GMP means for your products:

• Every ingredient that is received is quarantined until it can be verified by our in-house lab for identity and purity. Our lab uses NIR (Near-infrared) technology from Buchi (http://www.buchi.com). NIR can detect contaminants such as melamine that HPLC sometimes misses.

• Our NIR technology can also detect changes in ingredients from the same suppliers. This becomes particularly important for liquid products where solubility and taste are important issues.

• For every batch made, whether for R&D or production, the lot number of every component used - bottle, closure, ingredient, etc. - is recorded for future reference. In the unlikely event of a recall we can quickly identify all products affected. This protects both you and us.

• Subsequent to mixing, all batches are quarantined until the product is tested and verified to ensure it meets all specifications set for that individual product.

• Prior to the filling process, our team of trained Quality Control specialists verify that the machines are properly calibrated and the correct bottle, label, etc. are being used.

• During the filling process, our team of trained Quality Control specialists regularly pull samples from the line and test them for proper fill levels.

• The usage, maintenance, cleaning and calibration of every machine, mixer, vat and scale, as applicable, is recorded on a log for future reference.

• GMP is not only about production but also about responsible waste disposal. Our procedures also cover the discharge or wastewater and outdated ingredients to ensure the environment is respected.

This is just a sampling of the process involved in GMP and the benefits for your products.




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