What is the difference between Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling?

Contract Manufacturing is when you bring us a product or idea for us to develop and we design a product specifically for you.

What kind of products do you make?

We manufacture liquids, capsules and powders. In addition, we offer sofgels through some of our partners. We specialize in liquid products and believe that no one can flavor liquid products better than we can!

Do you use artificial flavors, colorings, and sugar?

If you want us to use artificial flavors or artificial colorings then we can. However, we would have to order some from our suppliers! We do use colorings at times but all of them are natural and you would be aware of what we add to your product. We will sweeten your products according to your wishes. Some of our customers use Corn Syrup (and it does have some advantages) but most of our customers requests alternatives such as Stevia or Lo Han Guo.

How long does it take to develop a new product?

It depends on the complexity of the product. The minimum is about 3 weeks. The following example is based on a liquid formula since those are generally more difficult to formulate. From the concept stage, our R&D team takes a basic Supplement Facts panel and creates a formula or "recipe" for it. This means we determine any preservatives, gums and flavors needed. From there we can often give a ballpark price, although on liquid formulas flavorings can be quite expensive and we won’t know the final flavorings needed until a sample is made. The sample process generally takes only a few hours to a full day.

Once we have a sample made it is incubated for seven days to test for stability. Based on our extensive experience we can often get a stable product on the first try. However, sometimes additional samples are needed. Sometimes we are working with new ingredients or new combinations of ingredients that can affect the final product. When we are satisfied that we have a stable product to present to you then we send out samples for you to examine, taste and approve. Upon your approval, the sample is sent out to an independent lab for various independent tests.

The process for making samples of capsule products is a little bit different but the example above gives you an idea of what we can do for you.

How much does the development of a custom product cost?

Like so much in Contract Manufacturing, it depends on several factors. For new customers our fees are usually around $350. There will be some costs from the outside lab too. However, we can often develop a new product for you for about $500 total. While this might seem inexpensive, we want your manufacturing business long-term. We are basically just trying to offset some of our costs of developing your products.

Can I modify one of your Private Label products?

Most likely, yes!

How much do I have to order?

Our minimums for Contract Manufacturing generally start at about 250 bottles, depending on the ingredients involved. These are among the lowest minimums in the industry for a custom product. However, as you grow we will grow with you. We have customers who have started off with several hundred bottles and now order over 100,000 bottles!

Give us a call and let us discuss a custom product for your company!


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